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Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

BEWARE: CAR INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND After involvement in a serious car accident, you may have many topics on your mind. You may wonder how well you will recover from your injuries and how you will pay for medical expenses. You may als… Read More
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New Law - Passing a bicycle in Ohio

Good news for Ohio bicyclists. The Ohio General Assembly approved House Bill 154 which requires motorists give a three-foot cushion when passing a bicycle in Ohio. Ohio joined the 27 other States in the District of Columbia that have a mandatory mini… Read More
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Traffic Fatalities spike in Ohio

For almost fifteen years, the estimated number of fatal car accidents on our nation’s highways has been in a slow-but-steady decline. However, an announcement made last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed tha… Read More
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The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is a deadly habit. Research has shown that texting while driving is a distraction that is responsible for tragic accidents all over the country. I came across the following information on the Ohio BMV website and wanted to share… Read More
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Texting and Driving in a Trucking Accident

In the most recent edition of The Trial Lawyer, there was an article that pointed out the terrifying statistics behind texting and driving injuries and deaths. According to the article, the National Highway Safety Administration reports that texting… Read More
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