Birth Injuries

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At The O’Keefe Firm, representing families that have been devastated by injuries or death before or during childbirth is one of our highest priorities. We recognize that these cases require the highest degree of care, sensitivity and experience. Our firm is ready to assist you in pursuing your legal options against a doctor, nurse, hospital or other health care provider that acted below the standard of care in providing birthing services. Birth injuries can result from many types of negligence, and can result in a wide range of harm. Our firm is committed to helping families in all aspects of birth injury cases, including the following

In the event of a birth injury many clients do not have any prior experience with birth injuries or birth defects, and many parents do not know what to do. At The O’Keefe Firm, we will clearly explain the legal options available to our clients, including how to file a birth injury lawsuit in Ohio. Like other medical malpractice claims, the role of the attorney is to gather and present evidence and testimony that support the claims that medical staff behaved negligently during your child’s birth. It is not enough to simply show that your baby has suffered injuries in order to receive compensation. The injuries must be directly linked to the negligent behavior of medical personnel.

At The O’Keefe Firm we will examine the medical records and consult with other medical professionals to show when and how the birth injury occurred. Through a careful assessment of the medical records we will be able to conclusively demonstrate that your child’s injury could have been avoided if proper care had been given during birth or pregnancy. Our goal is not to harm or demonize medical professionals, but rather secure compensation that our clients deserve and prevent the tragedy that happened to you or your family from happening to someone else.

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