Financial Problems Associated with Birth Injury

The long-term cost of an injury that occurred during the birthing process can be astounding. Many parents underestimate the true financial burden of a lifetime of medical care. No amount of money can replace health, however, the American legal system can award money to compensate families for their loss and to pay for existing or ongoing medical treatment. If your child has been injured during the birthing process, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit may help you gain the financial resources necessary to help your children move forward with their lives.

The Costs of Caring for Your Child with a Birth Injury

The cost of caring for a child who has been injured during the birthing process can vary widely. The following list demonstrates some of the costs you may incur in caring for your child:

Ongoing medical care: children with birth injuries require a lifetime of office visits, surgeries and medications.

Ongoing therapy: they will need a broad spectrum of therapists including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, vocational therapists, and psychologists.

Support staff: as children grow, problems moving through daily life become more obvious. Many children require the assistance of others, such as personal care attendants in order to maintain a level of care beyond what family members can provide.

Medical equipment: as they grow they need motorized wheelchairs, lifts, wheelchair accessible vans, and other adaptive equipment for driving. Many of these adaptive devices need to be replaced several times throughout the lifetime of the child.

Housing: some houses do not accommodate wheelchairs. When a child with a birth injury is brought home, parents often have to remodel to make doors and hallways wide enough for a wheelchair, or making bathrooms and kitchens more accessible for their child.

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