Emergency Room Mistakes

People who seek emergency room help do so out of a sense of urgency. They expect that when emergency care is sought, the hospital and ER staff will take care of their medical concerns. In an emergency room situation, there is very often little room for error. Mistakes can be made by letting a patient wait too long, miscommunication among ER staff, and by not taking a patient's complaints seriously enough. In most cases, ruling out the most serious problem—such as heart attack or stroke—can save lives.

In the practice of emergency medicine, seconds may make a difference between life and death, or significant permanent injury. In an emergency room setting, the first hour after the trauma or medical event is known as “the golden hour”. It is widely believed that during this hour, the efficacy of treatment is greatly enhanced. If treatment is delayed, the likelihood that it will be ineffective, or not as effective, will increase. It is an accepted premise, that the sooner the treatment commences, the better the prognosis and outcome. Accordingly, undue delays in emergency medical treatment may constitute malpractice.

Mistakes that are made in emergency rooms can be devastating. Too often, people are sent home from the emergency room when in fact further medical care should have been administered. If you or a loved one has been injured by an emergency room error, we can help. Errors among ER doctors are fairly common, and can represent either negligence in diagnosis or mistakes in treatment. If you believe that an emergency physician's failure to admit a patient or correctly identify a health problem led to a severe or fatal consequence for someone in your family, discuss your situation with an experienced emergency room medical malpractice attorney

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