Drunk Driving Accidents / Dram Shop Liability

Getting behind the wheel of a car while legally drunk is more than just a criminal act. It is one of the highest forms of negligence that leads to serious injuries and death. DUI laws in Ohio and throughout the country are more stringent than ever, but that does nothing to address the civil damages related to seriously injured individuals or family member who have lost a loved one. We go beyond the criminal aspects of a drunk driving accident to hold the negligent party financially accountable for your injuries.

Our drunk driving accident attorneys have the experience and resources you need to prove the facts of your drunk driving accident case. No insurance for the drunk driver? There may be other sources of compensation. The drunk driver may have assets to compensate you, or we may need to find the bar or club that served the alcohol that lead to your injuries or the death of a loved one. Our dedication, diligence and attention to detail will enable us to obtain the maximum results on your behalf.

While the impaired driver is clearly at fault, there may be more to the story. The bar that they left prior to the accident may have knowingly served too much alcohol, resulting in a dram shop liability claim against that establishment. Bars and restaurants in Dayton and throughout the state of Ohio can provide a welcome respite from the daily grind. People stop in for a drink or two to relax and unwind. However, when bartenders ignore their patrons’ alcohol use and abuse, that customer could end up causing a serious accident. We hold establishments that serve liquor accountable when they negligently serve alcohol to patrons that are visibly intoxicated and then allow those patrons to drive and cause others serious, and sometimes even fatal, injuries.

An establishment that serves alcohol to a noticeably intoxicated customer can be held responsible for the consequences. Bartenders are trained to be aware when a patron has clearly had "too much" and are required to stop serving the customer in order to prevent potentially serious accidents or injury to others. When bars continue to serve alcohol to intoxicated customers, bar fights can erupt and innocent patrons can be injured or even killed. More commonly, a bar's over-service of alcohol to an intoxicated customer can result in a deadly, alcohol-related drunk driving accident later in the evening.

At The O’Keefe Firm, we hold these establishments accountable for serving alcohol to intoxicated customers who later cause serious injury to others in a car accident or restaurant altercation. We advocate for grieving family members who have lost a loved one because a bar or restaurant ignored a drunk customer who ended up killing their loved one. We are dedicated to maximizing our clients' compensation and seeing that justice is served.

Only the most seasoned and knowledgeable drunk driving accident attorneys can get through these complexities and hold the responsible parties accountable. As a preeminent personal injury law firm, we have that ability and are dedicated to seeing that justice is served for our injured and grieving clients.

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