Nursing Home Negligence in State-owned Nursing Homes

Nursing home negligence is a major problem in Ohio. With the ever increasing number of Ohioans needing nursing home care, it is important to protect the residents of nursing homes from nursing home negligence. Whether it be nursing home falls, nursing home abuse or untreated bed sores, problems can arise that impact the safety of nursing home residents. Most of the time, residents are able to use the provisions of the Ohio Nursing Home Bill of Rights to protect themselves from the effects of nursing home negligence. However, those provisions might not offer protection if the resident who is the victim of nursing home negligence lives in a nursing home owned by a political subdivision.

In Ohio, there are 54 nursing homes that are owned by the State of Ohio or a local government. The courts have held that the Nursing Home Bill of Rights might not protect residents who live in these government nursing homes. Unless the Ohio General Assembly amends the law to add protections for residents of government homes, those residents will continue to have trouble getting fairly compensated for injuries sustained as a result of nursing home negligence. The issues surrounding nursing home negligence in government-owned nursing homes are complex. To schedule a consultation to discuss the issues surrounding the nursing home negligence of you or a loved one, call The O’Keefe Firm at 937-643-0600 today.

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